Bare & Boho

Premium range of Designer Modern Cloth Nappies & Eco-Wares to support your minimalist parenting journey! Australian owned and operated in Brisbane, QLD. The range includes a beautifully curated selection of reusable wares, featuring high-end fabrics, organic materials and unique commissioned artworks.

They have a unique cloth nappy system that offers ease of use and simplicity, without compromising on efficiency and convenience.

“The journey of discovery and the desire to continue learning is a responsibility we hold as caretakers of future generations. So may we rise, with the challenge in mind, to better our own understanding of the world around us, to be kinder, to live more compassionately, and to love more openly, for the sake of our children and the earth- of which one day they will inherit” - Peace and love, Bare + Boho xo

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