About Us

Welcome to Travelling with Toddlers! I’m Rach, mum of three based in the beautiful Hunter Valley, NSW.

As a former travel agent, international yacht hostess & general travel enthusiast turned busy mum of three - my business was born from my passion to travel & the drive to share that passion by helping parents that may not feel as confident about their first family holiday.

I stock & share 'travel hack products' that make things just that bit simpler when getting out & exploring the world with your toddler. 

During the Covid pandemic I shifted my focus - instead of searching for toddler products to help us travel the world I decided to bring the world to us by hunting & importing favourite products of parents from all over the globe. Products that are GAME CHANGERS when it comes to world of parenting toddlers.

This new focus of stocking unique little game changers saw my business explode on Tiktok, I have so much fun sharing these gems!

I now also work as a content creator on TikTok, sharing unique places & products. It's a dream role for me & I absolutely love it! 

(Follow us there to see all my products come to life. TRAVELLING WITH TODDLERS (@travellingwithtoddlers) TikTok | Watch TRAVELLING WITH TODDLERS's Newest TikTok Videos)

So welcome, I hope I have something that makes your days a little easier too! 

Rach xx